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How to Write a Song: Andrea Stolpe


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  • Type stuff
  • Stuff
  • More stuff

Time Stop Override feedback–xDrMu_R/view?usp=sharing


  • idk what I was doing
  • I wanted to create a full song (but didn’t know how)
  • the idea for the song was to confuse people by changing the genre throughout the song


  • What could be done better?
  • Does it sound too bland?
  • Is there not enough Instruments?

Peer Feedback

Very spacey
Great ambient feel
i loved that chord progression
Boom bap waiting to happen
that was so cool :O
it sounds great, i want to hear more of it
that was cool
I do think there should be more instruments maybe a bass or some drums if thats what you would like
i was ready for like a really low bass to start creeping up
I love the baseline
The pads sound great with the bass